Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Fourth!

Happy (late) Fourth of July!!!

I love holidays. I mean I really love them. Any excuse to get together with family and friends and celebrate, well, anything, is good in my book. My favorite holiday of all time is, of course, Christmas. (Hello? Eggnog, Santa, Snow, cookies, food, presents, Christmas music? How can anyone not love Christmas?) But besides Christmas, any holiday that calls for a gathering of friends and family, cold beer, barbeques, and my hubby being off work ranks rights up there at the top too. And as cheesy and cliche as it sounds, I truly am proud to be an American. I love being reminded of the freedoms and the luxuries and the health and happiness we have living in this country. And while I have my issues at times, like owing taxes and having to listen to John McCain commercial constantly becuase I live in AZ, I think we are pretty darn lucky. We are lucky that we get to have issues with our goverment and elected official and can voice without fear of retribution. Ok, getting off my soapbox now and returing to the topic at hand....

For the fourth we drove down to California to spend some quality time with my in-laws. It was a good trip, one we used to make often and since L has been born we don't go out as often. We hadn't been out since January, and the grandparents were thrilled to see L. L is S's Dad's first granchild, and man, does that man dote on him.  From changing poopy diapers, to walking him when he was cranky, to feeding him his dinner he jumped at any chance to spend time with his Grandson. He even went as far at to pull out a bunch of S's toys from when he was a baby for L to play with. The love is just thick when they are in the room together, and I am so glad that L has family that loves him that much.

We drove down on Friday afternoon and spent Saturday hitting the pizza place I love (Round Table, yummy) that we don't have in Arizona and watching the World Cup game with S's brother and his high school friends. L soaked in the attention from everyone, and it was really good to see how happy and relaxed S was being with family and old friends. I know he has been pretty stressed about work and money lately, so it was good to see him let loose and have fun. We also got to have a "date night" on Saturday night, and went to see a later showing of Eclipse after L was in bed.  While I missed my baby, it was nice being able to enjoy a movie just the two of us.

For the Fourth my father-in-law did what he does best and fired up the grill and cooked enough food to feed the entire West Coast. S's sister was there with her boyfriend, as was his brother and his high school friends, and it was great to sit around and chat and laugh and drink beer and pass around a baby that got so much loving he didn't know what to do with himself. And, courtesy of S's younger brother and sister, a beer pong tournement was started and S and i revisisted our routes and won a few rounds. We were pretty proud.

We also took L to the beach, his first trip ever. He was so not impressed. I dare say, he hated it. The waves totally freaked him out, and he didn't want to put his feet in the sand. It was also fairly chilly, and S was the only one who dared to brave to cold and dive in the ocean. L and I waited on the beach towel.  It's funny because I totally hated my first trip to the beach too, according to my parents. Like mother, like son I guess.

The only downside of the trip was L did not sleep. For only being almost 10 months old, he has traveled quite a bit and has always done great, so I don't know what happened this trip. He fought sleep at every turn and was up most of the night the three night we were there. That was hard and it made me nervous for future trips, but I'm hoping he was just a little over-stimulated and excited. And it was good to come home on Monday. I think that is truly the sign of a happy family when you like coming home from vacation.

So now we are back and are settled back into our routine. S is back at work and L is sleeping through the night again, and I am counting down my last two weeks of summer vacation.

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