Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Days!

Today was a special day in our household.

Not only did L turn 10 months old today, but my darling husband hit the big 2-6. Thinking of these two milestones slightly overwhelms me. First of all, I can't believe L is 10 months old. 2 months away from being a year. And he is almost walking and babbling and letting us know very vocally when he is upset. He's turning into a real little boy, and while I am so proud of him I yearn to hold onto those last little bits of babyness. I find myself lingering at night when he is tired and wants to cuddle, because these days he is much more interested in  terrorizing the cat and pulling the placemats of the kitchen table then cuddling with mommy.

S's birthday also gives me a moment of pause, a moment to think about how far we've come as another year passes. We started dating 6 years ago when we were both 20. We turned 21 together and spent our time playing beer pong and hitting the bars. We graduated from college at each others side. We supported each other through the trials of finding first jobs, and we really became adults together. Holding hands as we navigated the treacherous mindfield that you have to walk through as you move from carefree 20-something, to a mortgage paying, child-rearing, married couple. I'm proud of us that we have done this together, and I'm proud that we have another year under our belts, and another year ahead of us to continue to grow.

Because money is tight these days, S made us promise  not to spend anything on him for his birthday. Of course, we didn't listen, but we didn't spend very much money. L and I got him a nice shirt for work, and bottle of nice gin, because S loves a good gin and tonic, but he never drinks them. We gave him cards with mushy heartfealt messages in them, and i baked him cupcakes and had a cold beer waiting in his Chargers mug for him when he came home. We also went out to a nice sushi dinner, and then plan on staying in and watching the "Bounty Hunter" from the comfort of our couch.

The more exciting birthday plans are that S took the day of work tomorrow and we are headed up to Flagstaff for the day and night. Flagstaff were we went to college and went through most of the above mentioned transformations together. We haven't been in about 2 years and, although he won't remember it, I am so excited to show L where mommy and daddy met. Flagstaff hold so many great memories for us, and I am excited to revisit them.

So I will write more about our trip when we get back, but for now I will leave you with some birthday pics!

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  1. I'm jealous, I miss Flagstaff! Have SO much fun!!!