Tuesday, April 20, 2010

7 months

Landon turned 7 months last week. How crazy is that? It seems like just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital, and he was so small and we truly had no idea what we were doing! Lol, I laugh about it now but those first few days I just remember being so terrified about everything. I woke up about 10 time a night just to check his breathing, I was convinced he had a fever everytime he felt the slightest bit warm, if he wouldn't sleep I was worried, if I thought he was sleeping too much I was worried..... it was pretty stressfull! But then, like all things, we settled into our routine and slowly navigated our way through caring for a newborn. I have friends that sometimes ask, "how do you know what to do?" and the truth is, we don't. We just learned as we went. If we didn't know we googled it (Thank God for google!)  or asked family member and sometimes, we just guessed. And seeing as how Landon is now a healthy and happy 7 month old, we obviously didn't fail too misrabely.

Everyone tells you how fast it is going to fly by, but it's hard to believe how true that really is. Landon is still trying his hardest to crawl, but he is definetly very mobile. He can scoot or roll to wherever he wants to go, and he is starting to pull himself up into standing position.

He loves taking baths, and I love taking bathtime pics! (Seriously, is there anything cuter then a wet little baby playing in the water?)

He is still the sweetest little boy ever, but he is also learning to express what he wants. He has this loud shriek/yell that he does if he feels that you are not paying enough attention to him and he also will yell at you if you take away a toy he wants. Another thing he does  is hold out his arms to be picked up, which absolutely melts my heart everytime, so I end up doing pretty much everything with a baby on my hip!

I love, love, love this little guy and everyday is amazing to watch the little boy he is turning into.

Some pics of Landon 7 months ago:

And now, 7 months later he is soooo big and so handsome!

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