Saturday, February 18, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

You all know I am a lover of holidays. Give me reason to celebrate, and I am fully in. And yes, that includes the ones other people hate, such as Valentines Day.

I know, I know. It's commercialized and it's just a way for hallmark to make money and you don't need a day to show your love for someone.... blah, blah, blah. In my opinion, how great of an idea is it to set aside a whole day just to show your special someone you love them?

S and I have been together for over a decade now, and as the years have gone and the children in our house have multiplies, our V-day's have gone from fancy dinners out and jewelry to takeout or home cooked meals, glasses of wine, and smaller gifts. But it doesn't matter. I would rather eat takeout on my couch with S than receive jewelry or go to a nice restaurant with anyone else in the world. And I love having a day that we set aside to celebrate that.

This year S went above and beyond in the sweet and thoughtful category. Normally S leaves the house before 5am and the kids and I are up by 6:30. On Vday I woke up at 7am and panicked!!! I jumped out of bed, yelling at the kids to get up, freaking out that my alarm hadn't gone off. As I ran downstairs, there was S. He had turned off my alarm in the night so I could sleep in and told his work that he would be coming in late. He had all the kids up and dressed (and quiet!!!) and had blueberry muffins and a mimosa waiting for me. This right here encompasses so many of the reasons that I love this man. I am so lucky to be able to stay home, but sometimes the days get long and the kids can be tough and I start to get snappy and worn out and overwhelmed. For him to know me and understand me so well, and know that this gift would mean so much to me, is everything.

So, that was my morning surprise. After breakfast the kids and I headed off to school and S had to head into work. In  the afternoon R and I went out to L2's school for his V-day party, which was super cute. When we got home I fed the kids dinner and we waited for daddy to come home to do the rest of the gifts. I got S some candy and a bottle of his favorite gin, and we got the kids some candy and matchbox cars. After the kids went to bed S made us a delicious dinner of lobster and scallops. It was perfect, and then S added one more surprise. He have me an anagram and some clues (which I am absolutely horrible at.) The clues were "it was somewhere we were going to go" and "it was something we were going to do together". I couldn't figure it out and finally he caved and told me that he was going to take me to "inspiration". Basically, some people out here opened a workshop where you can go in and choose from different pinterest crafts and they have all the supplies and walk you through how to do it. I know this is not something he would choose to do on his own, ever, so it was again such a perfect and thoughtful gift. I love this man!

So that was our Valentine's Day. I have no pictures, but it was perfect day and is still one of my favorite holidays!

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