Monday, February 13, 2017

A Flagstaff trip

This weekend we decided to be spontaneous and forgo our normal weekend plans. Instead we loaded up the car on Saturday morning in search of cooler weather, a mini-vacation, and possibly some snow! We've been wanting to take the boys up to the snow for awhile, and even though Flagstaff had a pretty good winter it was in the 80's in Phoenix at the end of the week, so we knew our time was running out.

And guess what? We found some! In reality, it was really patchy, and we basically had to drive out towards the lake and then pull over on the side of the road. The boys were.... not as thrilled as we had hoped. They were all really excited by the prospect of snow, but the reality that it was cold, wet, and hard to walk in was not ideal for L2 and R. L had a good time and even did two half hearted runs on the sled down the steepest hill we could find.

Overall though, we did what we came to do and I considered it a success. After the snow we headed to check into the hotel and then straight out to lunch at one of our favorite breweries from college. Needless to say, S was more excited about the craft beer than the boys were about the snow!

It was a quick and wonderful trip, and on top of the snow and beer we added in a trip to the pound so the boys could play with the animals, a swim in the indoor hotel pool and a relaxing take out dinner in our room. We got up the next morning and had breakfast at our favorite bagel place before we headed back down the hill.

And then, of course, we were about 10 minutes on the road and we got the notification that there was an accident and the freeway was closed. If you know Flagstaff you know that when the main freeway is closed there is no easy way in or out, and so we decided to detour down through Sedona. IT as annoying to add an extra 45 minutes onto our trip, but I have to admit Sedona is so gorgeous that I think we ended up enjoying the drive.

Our next couple of months are packed with planned activities, camping trips, visits from family and many more things, so I'm so glad that we took a quiet just the five of us before things get crazy!

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