Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The big 3-3!

Happy (Oh my God, Oh my God) 33rd (33rd!!!! What!!!) birthday to me! OK, I"m not going to lie, I still claim 29 when my kids ask how old I am, but it's only because I genuinely still feel 29! I don't feel 33, but I also can't complain about how pretty awesome my life is at 33.

My birthday was on Thursday, but my birthday week started on Tuesday when a dear and talented friend took the time to do my hair for me. 

**Side note... if you ever have the opportunity to find an amazing hairdresser  who is totally an awesome person and also has a kid the same age as your kids so they can be friends.... don't mess that situation up! It's the best!!! You get a built in amazing friend and someone who is a magician at hair at the same time!

Anyway, after hair, I had an amazing happy hour/ dinner with my amazing friends . We haven't all been friends long, but these amazing women have been my rock for the last few years, and the fact hat our kids our all besties is really the icing on the cake!

 (Jenny is missing from this super cute pic!!)

My actual bday wasn't as amazing. S had to work (which was fine, we had decided awhile ago that we would rather him take off for a long weekend than take of a Thursday.), and I had to spend the morning in restitution court for that darn dog bite L got back in October. Court went fine, we basically only asked the guy to cover the urgent care visit and he was pretty cool about it, but it still wasn't the ideal birthday morning. After that I had a nice lunch with my parents, who were in town. They left to head out to Wyoming pretty much right after, and luckily S was able to  get off a little earlier than usual. 

And, amazing presents aside, how cute is the card that S helped the boys make for me? 

S was wonderful and got me the new fitbit that I've been wanting and also a cute workout tank top that he found when we went to Flag a few weekends ago. For my actual bday we fed the kids dinner and then just had some appetizers and watched a movie and drank some beer. S took Friday and Monday off, so it was the kickoff to my actual birthday weekend!

On Friday S got up and got the kids ready for school and let me sleep in a bit, and then we headed to a local diner for breakfast. We hung out and killed time and relaxed until we had to go and get R from school and then drop him off at our neighbors house, and then we headed out to Scottsdale to do our "pinspiration" day that S got me for Valentines Day.

Of course, as is the way that always happens, after juggling and arranging babysitters and after school care for all three kids, literally as we were walking in we got a call from L2's school that he had a fever and needed to come get picked up. Seriously? After a few moments of panic that our day date was ruined, and talking to the nurse who let us know that his fever was only 100 (is that even really a fever?) we decided that S would run over and get him and bring him back while I started the craft. It was definitely a hiccup in our plans, but it turned out fine and it was so fun creating something together!

The rest of the weekend was equally as perfect and relaxing. On Saturday we went out and did some furniture shopping and had nice dinner in. On Sunday I went to a Spring Training game to meet up with some college friends, including my old suite mate and her new baby that I hadn't met yet!

S took Monday off too, so I had another day where I got to sleep in a bit and then we went and got bagels and coffee before getting R for school. Then we went and did more furniture shopping (we needed new dressers!) and had lunch out! Pretty nice way to round out the long weekend, and it was the perfect end to celebrate turning the big 3-3!!!

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