Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Vacation Part 1: Big Sur

Hhhheeeeyyyyy!!!!! We're back!!!!

We've been gone for an entire week on one of the best vacations I think we have ever taken! It was amazing and fun filled, but it's also pretty amazing to be sitting on my own couch writing about it right now... I mean, is anything better than coming home to your home?!?!?

So, where have we been?

Everywhere, it feels like!

We drove to California last Wednesday, and spent a day at my in laws house before S and I headed up the coast to one of my best friends weddings.

Up this coast.....

Seriously, how gorgeous is that? And, yes, we left the kids behind with the grandparents as we set off for our "adult" weekend.  We got up super early on Friday morning, drove for a few hours (well, S did and I slept!) and then stopped in the cute little town of Moro Bay for breakfast. After a breakfast stop we only had a few hours before we reached our destination of the beautiful Big Sur. We checked into our adorable, if rustic, little cabin and met up with a few friends before we got ready and headed to the welcome party for the wedding we were attending.

And here's a phrase you are going to hear a lot from me in the post: "It was beautiful, but it was cold!" Seriously, every view and everything that was done for the weekend was absolutely breathtaking, but Northern California in October is pretty chilly!

(The beautiful bride and our girls!)

(Also, you know what's funny? asking four blond friends to all pose for a picture together!!!)

The day after the welcome party we decide to explore the coast with our friends, in hope of finding either a nice hike to go on or a beach to hang out. Thanks to sheer cliffs and the fire season, we found neither, but we did take a nice drive and stopped at several places to take in the views!

The wedding was later that afternoon, and after some fiasco with a shuttle situation we made it up! Of course I have the husband who rolls in with a Styrofoam cooler of beer! (I admit, I'm kind of proud!)

The ceremony was really special, and they couldn't have chosen a more gorgeous view. Think cliffs, trees, and a view of the ocean. It was amazing.

After the ceremony we headed to the cliffs for a champagne toast and more pictures.
(Look at all those handsome guys!)

The first part of the reception was passed appetizers, signature cocktails, and then dinner outside as the sunset. The second part was where the party got started as we all headed into the barn for some dancing! Unfortunately, drinks and shoes were not allowed in the barn, so it was a lot of the guys standing outside clutching there drinks while the ladies tore it up inside!

And finally, what is a good wedding without some good photo booth photos with some of the most amazing ladies you know? I just wish I had all of my girls in these!

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