Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Camping Fall 2016

While the rest of the country is enjoying crisp fall weather, and quickly heading into winter, we spent this last weekend escaping up to the lake for a weekend of camping! (Most of the time of super jealous of all the fall weather, but you can't beat camping and kayaking at the end of October!) This trip we had friends and their boys (my boys best friends!) join us!

It was so much fun. The boys spent pretty much the entire day in the water kayaking. It's nice that they are getting old enough that we can give them some freedom (with lots of rules and life vests obviously!).

They even took turns "paddle boarding" by standing up on their kayaks! 

Once we got them out of the water and fed them some dinner, they spent the rest of the time exploring. Our campsite backed up to a big hill which they spent the rest of the time climbing and having adventure on!

And then of course there was s'mores and after a long day of playing the kids went to bed fairly easy and the adults got to stay up and enjoy the rest of the night!

It also feels important to mention that at 32 years old I got my first ever bee sting. It was not delightful.

The second day our friends unfortunately had to head back, but we stayed another day and night. It was the perfect relaxing family time, and because we were there on Sunday the campground and lake were practically empty, so it was very peaceful!

This face though!!!!!

We did campfire and s'mores again. I spent a good portion of my childhood camping and I love that my kids are going to have these amazing memories, just like I did, that they will pass down to their kids too.

Until next time, Lake Pleasant!

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