Thursday, September 15, 2016

L turns seven!

Today my sweet baby  boy, my first born, turned seven.


It's been seven years since this tiny baby came into S and mines life and completely changed us. I remember having no idea what to do. Being nervous and scared. I remember imagining what that little baby might grow a year, five years, twenty years.

The main thing I  wanted for him, for all of my kids, is to be happy. And to be kind. I wanted him to grow into a loving and curious and funny and inquisitive and happy little boys. And he has exceeded my every hope so far.

(Donuts for breakfast on your birthday are a must!)

L is pretty much one of the most amazing kids I've ever met. And I'm not just saying that because I am his mom. He is so smart and so curious. He is in first grade and the constant stream of questions he asks me often leave me stumped or googling things on the Internet.

He is such a good friend. In the past year he has formed his own little group of friends, and they are truly the four musketeers. If I'd had the choice to handpick his friends (and I'm not going to lie, I was hoping I would be able to!), these are the boys I would have picked. They play well together, but challenge each other. They support each other and make each other laugh. They are all genuinely nice and sweet boys, and I love them and love that L has them in his life!

Because we have a surprise coming for all the boys at the end of the month, we decided not to do a birthday party this year, but instead had his best friends and our neighborhood kids over for a "birthday play date". They played and ran and opened presents and ate way too many cookies.

And after the play date was over we went to dinner as a family and then came home and opened more presents. L said it was the "best 7th birthday ever", and I have to agree, I think it was a pretty great day for all of us!
(family dinner at Humble Pie)

(His big present that he was thrilled about! It hasn't been delivered yet, but he's getting his own kayak!)

So, sweet boy, Happy 7th Birthday. You are so loved, by so many, and I hope for the rest of your life yo never forget that. As you get older, life will get harder, but as long as you hang on to these qualities that you have now you will be fine. Stay curious, stay funny, stay adventurous, stay kind, and stay happy!!! 

You are so very loved.

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