Monday, September 12, 2016

The end of summer

A week ago I posted about Labor Day, and how it always signifies the end of summer to me, despite the fact that temperature here will be hot for at least another six weeks. And true to form, we are once again getting sucked into the hectic and wonderful and activity packed days of the school year and fall, and the lazy days of summer are starting to feel like a memory.

Once we hit September, our lives get busy in a way they are not all summer, and they will stay that way until school end again. There is school, obviously, and carpool and playdates and field trips and volunteering. Then there are the sports. Soccer just started again, and this year we have both L and L2 on two different teams, with S coaching L2's team. this means two separate practises a week, two games, snack duty and making sure everyone has their cleats and water bottles and jerseys.

And finally, as the weather starts to cool and the days get shorter, we move away from the long lazy days at the pool and move into doing more community type events. Farmers markets and festivals and events at our local parks that cannot happen when it is 120 degrees outside slowly start to come out of hibernation.

This weekend, in honor of 9/11 (Can you believe it's been 15 years? I cannot. It feels like yesterday.) out local firehouse had an open house. We went and the kids got to climb in the firetrucks and we got a tour of the station, and most importantly we got to thank these amazing men and woman for keeping us safe in our little community.

L and R especially liked the firemen hats they got, and getting to sit in the trucks, and L2 loved just watching the all the huge trucks!

After the forestation, we had our first soccer game of the season, S's first coaching game of the season, and L2's first game ever.

If you've ever watching a bunch of 3-4 year old play soccer you know it's..... well it's an adorable disaster. L2 spent most of the game just standing in the middle circle, and most of the time he was facing the wrong direction!

It was cute to watch though, and the most important thing is that he had fun. And it was also pretty amazing watching my hunky husband coach the team.

Hope you all are enjoying falling out of summer and into fall as much as we are!

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