Thursday, June 2, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend!

So, a few weeks ago my best friend from high school's husband called me and asked what my plans were for Memorial Day weekend. I told him nothing, and the next thing I knew he was surprising my friend with an amazing Mother's Day Gift ever… a plane ticket to spend the entire weekend with us!

This girl is my rock. There are people in your life that come and go, and friendships that last a while and then fizzle out, but she is 100% a forever friend. We can go several weeks without talking and pickup right where we left off. When I'm with her it feels like no time has passed since we were 15 and fighting with our parents, and it's pretty amazing.

She got in on Friday afternoon and we had a low key night with pizza, some beer and a fire in the fire pit. Mostly we just caught up and reminisced!

(When your best friend comes to town you give her a manicure!)

On Saturday her husband has another Mother's Day present… and it was a present for me too! He booked us a full day at a local spa and it was amazing!!!

We had massages, body scrubs, foot scrubs, and facials. We also got lunch on the patio and time to hang out at the pool. My amazing husband also dropped off two bottles of champagne for us to enjoy while we got pampered!

It was amazing, by far one of the best experiences I've ever had. There is definitely nothing like getting completely pampered for an entire day!

After the spa day we headed home and got ready to go for the night. In hindsight, heading out for a night on the town after a day of massages and scrubs (which can really dehydrate you) and considering we were already in two bottles of champagne, probably wasn't the best idea.

But we got ready, got pretty, and had S drop us off at the Cardinals Stadium complex, which has a ton of restaurants of bars. We got a drink at a new place, and then decided to go get some sushi for dinner. (again, probably not a great idea)

We ended up at one of the bars, and we hung out for a few hours before heading home for the night.

And, as you can see by the picture below, when you've had a few too many drinks and your best friend is in town, sometimes you don't make the best life choices. I think this pretty much sums up the night.

Anyway, the next day we both felt pretty awful (so embarrassing!) but we had plans with other friends to go to our amazing spot in Sedona for the day, and we didn't want to wimp out. It was a beautiful day, and even though I had a college style hangover, I'm glad we went and I'm glad Ash got to see the beauty of Sedona!

And the kids had an absolute blast. it's nice that they are getting old enough, at least the older ones, that we can give them a bit more freedom!

Sunday night was super low key as we continued to recover form the night before. Ash was leaving in the afternoon on Monday so we decide a nice day at the pool would be the perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

Ash even got L2 in the pool, which he usually takes a lot more time to warm up to!

I'm so happy she came, and I'm so grateful that she has an awesome husband that realized we needed this time together!

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