Thursday, May 26, 2016

L graduates Kindergarten!

L "graduated" Kindergarten yesterday. I've had a fair amount of people (my husband included!) roll their eyes at the idea of a graduation for kindergarteners. I probably would have been one of those people a few years ago. But not anymore. I totally get it. They deserve a graduation, because they have changed and grown so much in the past year. We dropped of these shy and timid little boys to classrooms last August. We wiped away tears (theirs and ours) and packed little lunches for the first time and assured them that they would make friends and would like their teachers. We tried to oh-so-cooly let the teachers know how special our little ones were. It was terrifying. And now, at the end of May, we are bringing home these self assured little people. They have friends and opinions. They have learned so much, they have picked up funny habits from other kids and they are completely comfortable spending entire days away from us. They deserve to be celebrated, because it's been a milestone year.

(Daddy tying L's tie for him!)

S took the day off of work, and we made L his specially requested breakfast (blueberry muffins). The kids were instructed to wear "Sunday Best", and let me tell you, there is nothing cuter than a little boy in a button up shirt and a tie. I wish I could dress him like this everyday, but I think I would be met with  some objection!

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After getting ready we headed to L's best friends house to get pictures of the boys and take some family photos together. This boys mama and me have know each other since we were both pregnant with L and J, and she is one of my closest friends now. 

Then it was off to school. I will admit that I was pretty much in tears from this point on. We managed to grab a couple of cute photos with the brothers and some more friends before we had to go in.

(Brothers! My boys, I love them!)

The graduation itself was wonderful. The teachers did an amazing job and the kids sang some of the sweetest songs that brought the audience (well, at least all the moms!) to tears! And they totally kept it a secret, we hadn't heard L practice a single one, so it was a total surprise!

I took video of most of the graduation, so I don't have a lot of pictures. But they announced each child, read what they wanted to be when they grew up (L said a baseball player!) and gave them their diplomas!

I just can't believe my little L is done with Kindergarten. I am so amazingly proud of him. He is funny and smart and handsome, and I know he is going to take this world by storm!

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