Thursday, April 24, 2014

Family visit part 2

OK friends, I'm back to finish our family visit post! Honestly, while  these memories are one of the main reason I started this blog, these big family visits are probably some of the hardest for me to sit down and recount. The reason is because I don't always take enough pictures, and I certainly don't sit down and write about things as they are happening in real time. I desperately want to preserve these memories, but not at the expense of missing them while they are happening. I guess what i"m saying is I tend to put down the camera and the iPhone and computer during these times and try to just live in the moment, and I know that while my kids will love having these pages to look back on and read, they will love even more remembering that I was there and present.

OK, that was basically my disclaimer for only having pictures from a few of our event and not the whole week. We did a lot, and as always the kids were so excited to go to the Phoenix Children's Museum. We don't go as often as we should, mostly because its far away, but the cousins love it and so do L and L2. Even baby R was able to enjoy the baby room!

We spent an entire day here, and S took the day off so he could come and help me wrangle our children. Seriously, the museum is fun, but it is also big and crowded and I had no desire to try to keep track of all three of our brood by myself.

The noodle forest... terrifying for parents and a blast for kids!

The cousins hanging out

We also went to the pioneer museum, and my mom, sister, and I snuck away to the Chihuly exhibit.... but I have not pictures of these events so you'll just have to take my word that they did indeed happen.

We ended the week with Easter. My Nephews spring break always coinsides with Easter and it's always the perfect way to end a great trip. We decorate eggs an buy mimosa makings and pastries and my dad makes eggs Benedict. I try not to go to crazy with Easter presents, but this year i did get the boys a bubble machine that a few of their friends have, and of course we got copious amounts of chocolate and candy. (Have you ever tried the Reese's Pieces eggs? They are to die for!)

And then, sadly, the trip ended. My sister and her family flew out early Monday morning and my parents left on Tuesday. I'm not going to lie, I got a little teary. I wish my boys could have this time with their cousins all the time, and I wish we had the support and love of family around all of the time. And poor L and and L2 were devastated. They love their cousins and they don't understand why they can't play with them all the time. 

So this week has been a bit tougher. There have been more tantrums and more tears and I have had to try harder to hold my patience and remind myself that they are sad and this is the only way they know how to express it.

But we are moving back into normal, and the weather is getting hot again, so we have pool days and  camping trips and splash pad play dates to look forward too!

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