Monday, February 3, 2014

3 months, a first haircut and some more

Wow, how much have I been slacking on the blog? It was so easy when I had the "weekly" update to do..... but now suddenly the days and weeks are flying by, and not only have I not taken any time to blog, I feel like I have barely picked up my camera!

So here's an update on life these days. First, baby R is THREE months today. I'm honestly baffled by this. I love watching him grow, but I really wish it would slow down a little. Tonight I packed up all his three month clothes, as they are all officially too small. He is now wearing 3-6 months, and in a few brands just 6 months. I bought a lot of 3 month clothing when I was pregnant, thinking it would be forever before he even got to wear them.... and now he's outgrown them!

R is really a sweet baby, and very easy. We are still exclusively breastfeeding, and I love every second of it. I have a hefty freezer supply going (probably over 200 ounces) just from pumping a few times a day between feedings. I'm still producing a ton of milk, which is nice because it gives me a sense of reassurance to have so much saved up just in case of an emergency! It also makes me feel like when he gets a little older we might be able to sneak away for a night and leave him with the grandparents and he will still have milk!

He's nursing about 5-7 times during the day, and then waking up once at night to eat. He wakes up around 2, eats, and then goes back in his bassinet in our room. Then he usually wakes up again around 4 and just wants to be cuddled so he comes into bed with me and we co-sleep until morning. I know it might be a bad habit, but I love sleeping next to him.

He's all kinds of smiles these days, and also starting to do a cute little laugh. He thinks mommy and his brothers are especially funny. He's still not a big fan of tummy time, although he does like to lay on his back on his play mat  and bat at this toys. He's rolled from back to tummy a few times, but it's not consistent yet.

Overall, he's just lovely!!!

In other new, L2 finally got his first haircut! I was not ready for this, and I thought his cute, fly-away, baby curls were the cutest thing ever.... but Daddy insisted. He's two, so I suppose it's time! He did not enjoy the experience at all..... I felt pretty bad for him actually! 

But now that the initial trauma seems to have passed, I have to admit, he looks pretty darn cute. And like such a big boy! He doesn't look like my little baby anymore!

And finally, a big part of the reason I have been MIA is because we took our big trip to Reno a few weeks ago. Because there are now four of us to buy plane tickets for, which is incredibly expensive, we opted to drive. I was dreading the drive (12 hours, 3 kids.... no thanks!) but it wasn't as bad as I expected. We drove to Vegas and spent the night and then made the longer haul to Reno the next day. R only woke up twice to eat and be changed, and for the most part the kids were pretty patient and kept themselves entertained.

I took literally like no pictures in Reno.... it was a bit of a whirlwind and packed with activity, but needless to say we all had a blast. I got to catch up not only with my family, but also with lots of old friends, and it was a great get away for S an the kids too.

I'm sure I have more pictures on our actually camera, but I'm too lazy to take the time to pull them off right now, and I feel like if I don't get this post written it will never happen! So here's two cute ones from my phone, one of R and Gramps and one of S, L and baby R all sleeping in together one morning! 

Well, know I feel like you are pretty caught up on whats been going on around these parts! We have a busy month coming up.... my parents are coming to visit, w have Valentines Day, we are going to Cali for a weekend and it's my (gulp) 30th birthday! 

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