Monday, December 30, 2013


Throughout this last pregnancy people would constantly tell me that three kids was easy. They told me the transition from one to two is much harder, but adding a third to the mix was really no big deal.

These people lied to me.

Big time.

Adding a third kid to the mix has been freakin' hard. Much, much harder than the transition from no kids to one kid, or from one kid to two kids. I mean, first of all, just think of the logistics of it all. You only have two hands.... but three kids. There are only two parents..... but three kids. The bottom line is with three you are just plain outnumbered.

Simple things like running errands now have to planned out. I need to have a plan of action, I need to know what kind of carts the places we are going have, if I need a stroller, if I need to wrap the baby. I have to out when the baby last ate. I have no problem nursing in public, anyplace and anywhere, but will I be somewhere where I can nurse and wrangle/entertain a two year old and a four year old. And I have to prioritze. I go in knowing full well that I may not be able to complete everything on my list, so I need to get the most important errands our of the way first.

It's exhausting.

And don't even get me started on trying to keep the house tidy. It's impossible. No really, it is. I swear, I will do five loads of laundry, fold and put everything away, and the NEXT day every hamper in our house will be overflowing. There are burp rags scattered everywhere, there are toys everywhere, and (because of the above mentioned two and four year old) there are cheerios everywhere. I dream of the day that I can walk across my kitchen without that tell-tale crunch of cereal under my feet. And as much as I try to keep up with the chores, it almost seems futile. Mope the kitchen floor? The kids will have lunch half an hour later and it's practically a given milk will get spilled. Pick up all the toys? The boys pretty much follow me around pulling out everything that I put away.

So, yes, this transition has been hard. I'm eight weeks in and I'm still trying to figure it out and get a routine down. The problem is I feel like I can focus on one activity. If I stay home and get the whole house clean, I won't get to the gym and the grocery shopping won't get done. If I go to the gym and get in a killer workout, the house is a disaster at the end up the day. You get the idea. I'm dying to lose the rest of this baby weight and tone up, but I also need to keep a clean house and get dinner on the table at night. Hopefully as we move into January and our of the hectic-ness of  the holidays things will start to fall into place.

But, even though I haven't been able to jump back into the gym as hard as I would like, and my house looks like a tornado hit it, and we've picked up pizza for dinner more times than I would like to admit..... I can't imagine my life without these three little boys. It's like we've always been meant to be a family of five.

So I guess the bottom line of this rambling post is this:

I'm a little overwhelmed.

I'm a little stressed.

I'm a lot tired.

But, more than anything? I am so incredibly, beyond belief happy!

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