Wednesday, December 11, 2013


It's Santa time!!!

Despite the fact that both of the older boys have been passing a bug back and forth for a few days now, we decided tonight was the night to go and see Santa. Truthfully, we just don't have any other time since we are going to California early next week and won't be back until Christmas Eve. Hey, they've been on antibiotics for 24 hours and no one has a fever!

Last year we had the best Santa experience I have ever had. I wrote a post about how amazing it was, and I was super excited to go again this year and was beyond disappointed when I found out the place we went wasn't doing Santa again this year. I knew I didn't want to go to the mall.... I just can't handle the lines and the fact that they are so crazy about you taking pictures. I mean, I get they are in this to make some money but do they have to be so obvious about it?

Anyway, we decided to take a chance on Santa at a smaller shopping center and hoped that by going on a weeknight it wouldn't be crowded. Well, it wasn't quite as good as last year, but we had a pretty great experience again!

Santa spent a good amount of time talking to L about the fact that he wanted a Buzz Light Year for Christmas. (He saw a talking Buzz at the Disney Store and hasn't stopped talking about it!)  R also did amazing... I actually think this is the first time we have a "baby" Santa picture without a crying baby!
L2....... not so much. He wouldn't even go near Santa, even with the bribery of candy. He wouldn't sit next to unless we were both there, which is how we ended up with a "family" Santa photo. Trust me, I was not planning on having my picture taken today!!!

I'm hoping after things are going to start slowing down here a little bit, so we can really settle into the Christmas spirit and start doing some fun things. It feels like we've been running around like crazy, and add that into the fact that we are still trying to get our bearings as a family of five, it's been hectic!

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