Friday, November 29, 2013

(Almost) three weeks!

This little guy is three weeks on Sunday!

It's amazing how fast the time flies once these babies are on the outside and not the inside.... three weeks while I was pregnant dragged on forever!

I love him more each day, if that is possible. It's funny, when you have your first child you think you will never love anyone as much as you love them. It couldn't be possible. And then you have your second and your heart grows. And then it grows again with a third! It's crazy how in love I am with all three of these boys, and how even though this is my third go around with a newborn everything he does seems as magical and special and new as it it did with the first two.

I love him lots.

He's gaining weight like crazy and he loves to eat. At his two day pede appointment he had dropped from 7lbs 10oz to 7lbs 1oz..... totally normal weight loss for a breastfeeding newborn. At ten days we went back for his circumcision and he was up to 8lbs 4oz, which we were so excited about! Then they had us come back the next day, just to check on his circumcision, and he was up 2 more ounces! 2 ounces in one day! Needless to say, we know he is eating plenty!

He is nursing like a champ. I love nursing, and I think the fact that I missed out on it with L2 makes it that much more special this time around. He still likes to comfort nurse and he cluster feeds occasionally, but he is starting to even out to an every two hour schedule. He usually eats around 9:45-10:00, right before we go to bed, and then is up again between 1:00-2:00. After that feed he tends to only sleep for about an hour or two before he wakes up again, but at that wake up I let him come in to bed (if he's not already there) and we side nurse and sleep and cuddle. It's one of my favorite times.

The one thing that is a lot different about R than the first two is he does not like sleeping in his bassinet. He can be fast asleep in our arms or after a nursing session, but the second you move him to the bassinet he will wake up and fuss, but if we let him sleep with us he sleep like..... well, a baby! I love co sleeping, and I'm very comfortable with it, I'm more worried about creating a bad habit. S is worried about that too, but the truth is I love having him right next to me and the last few times we have gotten him down in the bassinet I haven't slept nearly as well..... I kept waking up to check on him! 

Anyway, he is a joy and his brothers love him and we love him!

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  1. Leah,
    My sweet Madeline is like your sweet baby R. She likes to be in bed with us and I have created a VERY bad habit. She still sleeps in bed with us. She will sleep in her cradle from like 7:30-Midnight ish and then she is in bed with me. I figure I am sleeping and so is she so it can't be that bad :) I am so glad he is nursing well, it is such a beautiful thing. Max and I struggled so when Madeline came along and was a champ at nursing I was so happy. Enjoy these moments. He is beautiful!