Friday, August 16, 2013

27 weeks

How far along: 27 weeks! Last week of the second trimester!
Maternity Clothes: Jeans fit with a hairband, but I think I'm going to be switching to maternity soon, at least for comforts sake. I found a pair of skinny maternity jeans I really liked at Old Navy that I want for when it cools down a little. The problem right now is it's just so hot still I usually stay in my yoga clothes or put on a maxi skirt or dress!
What I miss: Pregnancy tends to be a little stressful for me, because I'm a worrier. So I guess I miss not worrying about every little thing!
Exercise: This was a good workout week. I did my normal routine, although I took it easier on Wednesday after my yoga class. I did 2 miles instead of 3 and did a little less of an incline. I'm really trying to listen to my body. I also had to miss Thursday, and even though the last thing in the world I wanted to do was go on Friday morning I dragged myself. I told myself I could take it easy and ended up doing a really good, hard workout so I was proud of myself!Still loving my yoga classes, and they just started a new Pilate's/yoga fusion class that I think I'm going to check out!
Cravings: Still loving my Greek yogurt/granola/strawberry combo! So Yummy! Also, raspberry lemonade!
Aversions: Nada. I feel hungry all the time!!!! I find myself cruising the pinterest food and drink board and just drooling!
Symptoms: Rib pain and pubic bone pain still getting worse. I hate this part. I love the kick and rolls though... and he is so strong! My little ninja boy!
Labor Signs: Just the good old Braxton Hicks!
Best moments of this week: Well, the low point of this week was I failed my one hour glucose test. The good news was I passed the 3 hour one, but it still freaked me out! I failed by one point! I also failed the one hour and passed the three with L, and passed the one hour barely with L2. Apparently I'm just not that good with the one hour! I was surprise though this time, because with L and L2 I had gained a lot more weight at this point, and was definitely giving into my sweet tooth pregnancy cravings a lot more! It's annoying that I've been so good this pregnancy, eaten so healthy (Obviously I splurge, but not too often), kept up with my tough exercise and only gained 6 pounds and still failed the one hour! After the three hour my Dr actually told me it's probably more carbs that my body might be having some trouble processing, since I don't have a lot of sugar in my diet. And that makes a little sense since I'm probably gravitating towards carbs (even good ones like apples!) to keep up my energy levels for the gym. Oh well, the important thing is I passed the three hour and I just need to make sure I'm not pushing myself too much!

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