Thursday, February 21, 2013

Three Day Weekend and beyond!

Well, we had a busy three-day weekend, followed by a busy week! I can't believe it's almost Friday again! Trust me, I'm not complaining, it just feels like the last week flew by! (OK, maybe I'm complaining a little bit. My 29th birthday is on Saturday, and I may or may not be a little teeny tiny bit freaking out about entering the last year of my 20's!)  But besides that, I'm totes fine!


We did have a busy weekend. On Saturday we did a family photo shoot that was long overdue. I realized when we were painting, and I was taking all the pictures off of our walls that we have almost all pictures of L, and hardly any of L2. And the pictures we have of L2 are all just home snapshots, while L has at least two professional shoots under his belt. Mommy guilt kicked in big time so I found us a photographer asap and booked her!

We should be getting our disk of pictures in the next week, but here is a sneak peek that she sent me!

We also had my parents come into town last weekend. It's so nice when family comes to visit, the boys love it and it's just such a nice shakeup in our everyday routine. It's especially nice when my parents come to visit because they actually have bought a vacation home here! It's literally right down the street from us, so while we get the full experience of a family visit I don't have the stress of having people staying in our house and feeling like every nook and cranny needs to by scrubbed and organized!

Our big adventure was we took both boys hiking up at the White Tank Mountains. Honestly? I have never been much of a hiker. I distinctly remember throwing fits about my parents dragging my hiking as a teenager. (Around beautiful Lake Tahoe, none the less. Teenagers are stupid, BTW.) I've always been more of a contact sport, running sort of girl, but oddly I was pretty excited for this. It was a beautiful, cool day and L actually did the whole two mile hike with no (OK, only a few) complaints!

The only downside to the hike? Well, what happens when your wonderful, adorable, oh-so-forgetful husbands forgets to pack the ergo carrier? Well, poor L2 ended up in a handcrafted "carrier" made out of S's camel pack. It was most certainly not ideal..... but we made it work.

And, finally, the last exciting part of our weekend/week? After years of me complaining about our old, hand-me-down couches that we have had since before we were even engaged, we finally got a new couch for for our family room! And I love it. It is so big and so comfy and so perfect for cuddling little babies and watching movies with handsome husbands!

Well, Saturday is the big day, so I will let you all know how turning the big 2-9 goes!

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