Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy V Day

Happy Valentine's Day! People seem to have very mixed feelings about this particular holiday.... you either love it or really, really hate it. I for one, love it! (But to be honest I pretty much love any holiday. If there's a reason to celebrate.... well, anything..... bring it on!) Even when I was younger and single, I liked spending the night going to dinner with my girlfriends and drinking wine and watching sappy movies. And S and I have had our fair share of romantic Valentine's Days, ones that included bouquets of flowers and jewelry and fancy dinners out. After almost five years of marriage and two children, the need to impress, or spoil, is not really there anymore, and I'm OK with that. Flowers? Sure, what girl doesn't love to get flowers, but the realistic part of me now chimes in, reasoning what is the point of spending an over-inflated amount on some roses that are going to die within the week. And Jewelry? Love, love, love jewelry. But, with a three year old and a fifteen month old I don't have a lot of occasions to wear anything fancy anymore. We still exchange small gifts, but they tend to be more practical and smaller tokens, rather than large extravagant gestures. This year I got S a small bottle of Saki and a nice polo shirt and he got me a pair of pajamas from Victoria's Secret and some really cute owl salt and pepper shakers. (FYI? love me so owls!) I also picked up a bottle of wine, made cupcakes (because, every celebration deserves some funfetti deliciousness) and cooked us  homemade "dinner" of appetizers. We played with the boys while sipping wine and munching on homemade spinach dip, veal meatballs, and fresh mozzarella bruschetta. I had thought about hitting blockbuster to rent us the traditional sappy movie, but we opted instead to catch up on the Walking Dead on Netflix. It may not be the most over the top, romantic Valentines Day ever, but honestly, it is the perfect night to me and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

(This was S's gift..... I realize now that it may have been a tad misleading, seeing as how it contained a polo shirt for him, as opposed to, say, some sexy lingerie!)
We are taking advantage of our gyms "dinner and a movie" program tomorrow night and dropping the kiddos off for a few hours while we go and enjoy an "adults only" dinner, so I am excited for the opportunity to go out, dress up, and who knows, maybe even wear some fancy jewelry!

And, all the grown up activities of today aside, probably the best part of my holiday is the fact that L had his first every Valentine's Day party at school! I was so excited to help him pick out the perfect Cars themed Valentines and address them to all of his new little friends  and he was so excited to show me the craft that they did! He also made me a very sweet little Valentine's Card that will definitely be going in the memory box.!

So, that was our day, I hope all of you out there had an equally as perfect day, whether it included roses and diamonds or sippy cups and Netflix! We are looking forward to a long three day weekend that included a family photo session (long, long overdue.... I realized when we painted for every one picture of L2 we have we have about ten of L!) (Also, if you schedule a photo shoot solely around the thought of getting some good  pictures of your youngest? Your youngest will, with out a doubt, get in a fight with the corner of a desk and end up with a huge cut and a swollen nose.), S having Monday off, and my parents coming in for a visit!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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