Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy birthday to..... Me!!! Holy Hell, how am I 28? If you would have told me when I was 18 that in 10 years I would be celebrating 5 years of marriage and have 2 kids, I would have called you crazy. But, despite that fact that sometimes I have a yearning for that carefree, no responsibility life that was really mine only a few years ago, but yet seems so far away, life is wonderful and amazing and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

I figured I would share a few things that I learned this year, as I am getting older (shudder) and wiser.

** Fist, let's start with a year and a day ago I found out I was pregnant with L2. Seems like so much longer then that!

** I learned this year that as much as I complain about being pregnant when I am, part of me misses it when I'm not, and I'm not done having kids.

** I learned that old friends are wonderful, and the memories you have with them, are irreplaceable, but sometimes you need to realize that you are going in different directions.

** I learned that while I thought I could never love anything more than I did my first child, my second child raised the bar and I have more love in my heart than I thought was possible.

** I've learned that as you grow and change in a marriage you need to make compromises. I also learned that I love my husband more everyday for the husband and father he is.

** I learned (unfortunately) that it really is much harder to lose the weight with the second baby.

** I learned that as much as I want a baby girl one day, nothing can replace the special bond between my two boys.

I'm sure there is more, but a bottle of wine, a handsome husband, and a Gossip Girl marathon aer calling my name. So here is to year 28. One year closer to 30, which is a little scary, but I'm sure this year is going to be a fabulous one!!!

And here is the best birthday present a girl could ask for: Two beautiful and healthy boys!

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