Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve 2011

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

I have been so wrapped up in babies and movies and food and holiday music and wrapping presents today that I didn't pull out my camera once all day. Thankfully I remembered right before bedtime and got some pictures of our very special holiday tradition: reading "The Night Before Christmas" in front of our tree.

I love Christmas (as we all know) but this year has seemed even more special because L is getting it. It's awesome. He keeps asking for Santa and he is very aware that there are presents under our tree. It's fun. And it's also even more special because L2 is with us..... we have two little ones and that really makes celebrating Christmas magical.

And now both kids are snugly tucked in their beds waiting for Santa to come.....

And Santa's "helpers" are busy putting together L's big gift.

I cannot wait to see L's face tomorrow when he sees this tool bench. It's pretty cool, I kind of want to play with it!

And don't worry, I am helping S put it together. See all those carefully placed stickers? Those are my handy work!!!!

And lastly, we did this a few weeks ago, but I had to share. First, because the picture is pretty darn cute and no own is crying or screaming in terror at the strange old man whose lap we are making them sit on. Secondly, because this Santa is legit. Seriously, check out the beard. It's totally real.

Merry Christmas Eve, from our family to yours!

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