Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Recap

The Christmas decorations have all been packed away, the Christmas music station has been removed from my radio favorites, the eggnog is gone, and the only rememants of the holiday are the still burning Christmas scented candles and the stray bow or scrap of wrapping paper I still keep stumbling upon.

Christmas is so momentous and special and amazing for me, and for a few days after I always feel a bit of a let down. A bit of sadness that it is over. But then I feel ready and renewed. I like getting the house back to it's normal state and getting us back into our daily routine. I get excited for the New Year and all the hope and promise that it will bring.

But, let's go back to Christmas for this post. I haven't posted anything since Christmas Eve, when we were busy putting together L's big tool bench gift.

Seeing this face, when he walked into the room and saw it in the corner for him, made my entire Christmas. It made me realize that this is really what it's all about.

Needless to say, the tool bench was an even bigger hit then I could have hoped for. He freaking loves it. But he also enjoyed all his other presents, and he helped all of us open ours too.

And when all was said and done our house looked like a tornado had gone through it and we had a baby passed out in all the mess.

 (L2 looks super pissed in this picture, but I swear he had a good Christmas too!)

And mommy got super spoiled this Christmas. Actually, one of the reasons it has taken me a few days to post about Christmas is because I have been so busy playing with my Christmas gifts!

So, until next year, we say "Goodbye" to Christmas. But, we have an amazing New Year to look forward to!

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