Friday, December 3, 2010

A change of plans and a Holiday Celebration

So, we had a big date night planned tonight. We had plans to go to Carraba's for dinner, pick up some wine, end the night with a movie.... I was super excited. And, because we so rarely do these date nights, instead of napping with L when he lie down I showed and shaved and blow dried and made up so I was all decked our in super cute boots and a dress and ready for our night out.

But then plans changed.

As often happens with life and kids and adult-like responsibilities. S needed to take his car to the dealership for an oil change. I had some library books that needed to be dropped off. The street that has library access was closed, and the the library was closed. One thing after another happened, and then by the time we finally got to the restaurant L was cranky (and, not going to lie, so was I) and there was 20 minute later, so we threw in the towel. We scrapped date night plans and headed to our towns Christmas celebration/carnival that was going on.

I am so glad that we did.

As soon as he saw the lights and the crowds L snapped out of his cranky mood, and seeing his laughing and excited face snapped me out of my funk as well.

As of stated before I love Christmas and I am so glad we skipped a dinner out that we could do anytime for this magical experience.

And I apologize in advance for the crappy quality of all my pictures. The celebration was alive with Christmas lights, and hot air balloons blasting their flames, and camera flashes, and the spotlights from the stadium, but the melody of all these lights made for not great pictures.

They had live music playing at both end, playing everything from Christmas Music to sweet home Alabama, and since my little man loves music we jumped right into the crowd and sand and danced along.

And then there was the actual carnival, with it's flashing lights and games and kids squealing with delight on the rides. L is still to little to go on any of the rides, but he liked watching them. And I have to admit, I love fairs and carnivals and I was a little jealous of the kids on the rides.

But mostly we just walked around, L taking in the sights and sound while S and watched our little boy who was only a baby at this time last year. We saw balloons get ready to take flight, blasting there fire and lighting up the sky, and jugglers on stilts who amazed all the kids around them, and of course there was the big Christmas tree right in the middle of it all, where L (and I) reveled at it's changing lights and pinecone ornaments.

Oh, and the best part of the whole night? While everyone else was waiting for hours in line to see Santa? Well, we just happened to run into the REAL Santa, just roaming around the crowd, trying (unsuccessfully) to conceal his identity with a blue windbreaker.  And we got a picture with him, not waiting required.

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