Monday, December 6, 2010

Bridal Shower

On Saturday I took so much needed "me" time and slipped quietly out of the role of "wife" and "mother" for a few hours and slid comfortably into the old familiar role of "girl-friend". One of my good friends is getting married on January first (I'm a bridesmaid!) and we had her bridal shower this weekend.

As much as I love my two men, sometimes it's nice to take a small break and just be with the girls for awhile. To have a few hours that don't revolve around dirty diapers, sippy cups, naps, cooking dinner, or doing laundry. And I think it was good for S and L to have some quality "boy time".

So, as I was saying, for a few hours on Saturday I left my usual responsibilities at home with my husband and headed out for the shower. I love being a part of something as wonderful as two people joining their lives together, and it also always brings me back to that spot where I am so thankful for my own husband and family. And even though he and I both know that our love is stronger today then it was when we got married 3 years (almost) ago, sometimes those romantic feelings and memories get lost in the shuffle of everyday life of parenthood and jobs and errands and chores. But they are still there, and events like weddings and bridal showers always make them spring forward, reminding me how lucky I really am.

So we ate (a lot) and we chatted and we laughed. We updated old friends that we hadn't seen in far too long on our lives and opened presents and drank mimosas. We played games where several of us got wrapped in toilet paper and made sure the bride had a bouquet of bows and ribbons for her rehearsal.

 The lovely bride, myself and Rachel!

 The Maid of Honor and the Bridesmaids!

 Me and the bride!
The bride and her wedding party!

And, after the festivities of the afternoon were over, I went home feeling happy and refreshed and fully prepared to dive back into dirty diapers, cooking and cleaning.

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