Tuesday, February 9, 2010

To blog.... or not to blog?

I have been thinking about this for months now, starting a blog. I've even sat down to do it a few times. But then I start thinking that I'm not a writer, and truthfully it's not as though my life is exciting enough to blog about. I mean, I think my life is exciting and beautiful and wonderful, but would anyone else?

But then, I don't really need to do this for anyone else, it's for me. A place that I can vent and put into writing what I'm feeling and thinking. And I've always enjoyed it, I have been a journal/diary keeper on and off my entire life. I have books upon books stacked in my closet in my childhood home (I suppose it's actually the guest room closet now!) ranging from diaries I kept in third grade and talked about who played with who at recess and which boy I liked, to ones riddled with middle school agnst (usually involving whatever boy I liked), and late high school and early college ones that were more mature and contemplative, although still had a strong focus on which boys I liked. (are you sensing a theme from my adolescence?)

But blogging is slightly more indimidating then journaling, for starters other people can read it! And while I consider myself pretty computor savey, I'm not sure how to make my blog pretty and this distresses me. I'm also worried I might have too high of expectation of blogging. For some reason the image that comes to my head when I think about it is me balancing a laptop on my lap with a cup of tea in one hand while sitting in front of a roaring fire with some soft music playing in the background. I picture the words flowing with ease from my mind to the screen as I write profound and indepth musing of life and love, stuff that people will clamour to read. The truth of the matter, however, is that I don't own a laptop, I'm not much of a tea drinker (a glass of red wine, perhaps), I live in Phoenix and we don't even have a fireplace, and I'm fairly positive I don't have any indepth musing on life or love!

But now I have taken the first step, I have written my FIRST BLOG EVER! Even if I don't do anything else past this, at least I attempted instead of laying in bed at night thinking about trying it. And maybe I will call some of my blogging friends and get advice on how to make it pretty.... because that is for some reason very important to me. And maybe soon I will call myself a blogger.

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  1. yeah!

    When I started blogging about 2 years ago I didn't know what the hell the point would be. As I look back at it, it's thrilling. I love reading what I "thought" was hard in my life, and how different I really was. I could honestly care less about who reads it, or sees the pictures... but it's so fun for ME to look back on. You will be glad you did it, trust me!

    Most importantly, it's been so neat to see how different C is. I had no idea how to do anything as a first time mom... and now it's actually quite comical to go back and read old posts that I did!

    I can't wait to read more!