Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Input from the Hubby

So, even though I was feeling quite accomplished and proud of myself for finally jumping on the blogging bandwagon yesterday I still felt like I needed some feedback. I decided the to run my first posting by my wonderful (yet incredibly honest) husband to see what he thought.

"I wrote a blog" I told him after we put the baby to bed last night.

"You wrote a what?"

"I wrote a blog and I want you to read it and tell me what you think. Be honest. I mean, be nice, but be honest." And with that I sent him upstairs to read it while I waited nervously on the couch. And I was nervous, even though this is my husband who I share everything with. I wanted him to like it. I wanted him to think that I was funny and witty and I wanted him to tell me that he thought I was a good writer, that I should keep doing this because he liked reading what I wrote. And the reason I was so nervous was because I knew that he would tell me the truth, even if it wasn't necessarily what I wanted to hear.

He came back downstairs. I waited in anticipation. He kept going and headed towards the laundry room.

"It was good," he tossed casually over his shoulder.

Ok...... good. I'm glad he though it was good, but come on, I'm a woman! I need details. What did you like? What made you laugh? what didn't you like?

He said he liked it, he though it was well written. He doesn't think he wants me to use names (so from the point forward he will be known as "S") or post pictures. He thinks we all already share too much on the Internet with facebook and myspace. I disagree. I mean, I see what he is saying ,but if I'm going to do this I want to do it fully and that means sharing my life and that means pictures. So right now, we are at a standstill. I want to keep going with this but only if I can do it the way I want to.

For now, for this post, no pictures and no names. I guess we will see what the next post brings.

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