Thursday, July 20, 2017

Our new house!

Oh my gosh, I have not been here all summer! The last time I updated was the kids last days of schools, and now we only have two weeks of summer break left. Needless to say we have been super busy and this summer completely got away from me.

But, we have a good reason! We bought a new house!

We've been looking at buying something bigger for over a year now, but nothing had come up and we had actually taken out house of the market and decided to give it six months before we started looking again. Then randomly one day, we saw that this house was having an open house and decided to stop in. Now, I'd looked at pictures of this house before and didn't like it, which is why we never went to see it. But anyway, the open house was there and we decided to step in, and oh my gosh, it was perfect. Well, it actually wasn't perfect at all, it needed a lot of work, but I could totally see what it could be and I fell in love. So we put in an offer and re-listed our house.

And, they accepted another offer.

Whomp, whomp. We were so bummed. I was so bummed! But we decided to keep our house on the market and keep looking. Then a few weeks later (actually, as I was flying back from my Grandma's funeral) we to a call that the other offer had fallen through and they were accepting our previous offer! So excited, except our offer was based on selling our house, so we needed to get ours sold asap! We had literally a ton of showings and a ton of interest, but no offers and we were worried we were going to lose the other house, so we did probably the most grownup thing we've ever done and bought the other house before we sold ours. Want to know whats really scary? Two mortgages are really scary! Then we had a somewhat sketchy investment offer on our house that we accepted, and then it fell through, and we were getting really stressed. But thankfully, we accepted another offer this past weekend and things are going smoothly so far!

Anyway, about the new house. Since we closed a month ago we have been working, working, working. the whole house needed to be repainted and we are also redoing all of the flooring with wood plank tile thought the downstairs and in the master bedroom and bath, and new carpet in all the rooms. The painting is about 70% done and flooring demo and install should start next week, so we are hoping to be able to move in in the next 3 weeks or so. Once we get moved in we are looking at getting new appliances, new counter tops and paining the kitchen cabinets. And one of the biggest draws to this house was the huge backyard. Our goal is to put in a pool and extend the patio area and put in new landscaping over the next two summers. The house also is surrounded by greenbelts on two sides, which is so nice for the kids, and is on a nice quiet street. We love it!

I'm including a bunch of photos from the sale listing. It's not much to look at in these pictures, but hopefully you can see the potential! I can't wait to start posting some "after" pictures!

The huge yard and you can see the greenbelts on the side and in the front!

Two story front entry way and foyer!

Formal dining room and living room

Family room



3rd bathroom

Laundry room

Master Bedroom and bath

Upstairs bath

So, this is one of the things that has been keeping us so occupied this summer! 

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