Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Circus 2016

So, every year S's work does some sort of Christmas Celebration. Some years it's for adults only, and some years it's very family orientated. Every couple of years since L was a baby, they have done a circus. We've gone every time, and it's always been fun, but I admit I was hesitant when S told me that's what they were dong this year. I've recently started to understand more that circuses and zoo's probably suck for animals, and as much as we've enjoyed it in the past I was uncertain if it was something we should support.

Regardless of my hesitation, the kids were excited, and despite waking up Saturday morning sick as a dog I decided to rally and we all went out to dinner and then to the show.

(Dinner at Four Peaks)

After dinner we headed over to the show, and much to my delight it was amazing  as I remembered and it no longer featured animals!!!

We watched acrobats and juggler and trampoline artists (is that what they are called?), and all other types of performers. They were amazing, to the point where I was genuinely worried about their safety a few times, but hey always managed to pull it off!

(Juggling... using other humans... and only their feet!!)

(That's a man, holding himself vertically on a pole, support the whole body weight of another man!)

Despite not feeling well earlier, I'm so happy I pulled it together and went to this with the boys. They were so mesmerized and seeing it through their eyes is always so special!!

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