Saturday, May 16, 2015

May happenings!!!

How is May halfway over? does anyone else feel like this is one of the busiest times of year for them? (I mean, besides the holiday, of course!) Maybe it's just because we are now in the time where we have two kiddos in school so we are dealing with all the end of the year stuff, but I just feel like we have been going a mile a minute with no breaks!

L and L2 are both done with school next week. I have to say, I"m excited to have a bit more of a relaxed schedule and not having to rush around and drag everyone out of bed in the morning. It's going to be an adjustment having all three of them home all day, but I"m already trying to plan fun stuff that we can do to keep busy! I may have mentioned this before, but L is starting kindergarten next year (!) and he got into a really good charter school that is incredibly hard to get into. I can't believe my baby is starting "real" school, but we are so excited about next year and the opportunities he is going to have at this school. And, as an added bonus, one of his best friends got in too! This makes me very happy because his friends mom and I are very good friends, so we are going to get to spend even more time together! L2 still has two years left of preschool. (since he's an October birthday he has an extra year before kindergarten). We weren't super thrilled with the school he went to this year. He goes to the public school pre-school since he is receiving speech therapy, but we were not impressed. I think we're gong to give it another try next year, but for his last year I"m thinking we will pull him out and put him in the preschool the L went to this year.

Let's see…. what else? We had a wonderful Mother's Day. My parents were in town to we had brunch over at their new house and then spent the day lounging by the pool and relaxing. Pretty much a perfect day in my book!

The kids and S made sure to make me feel special and loved, and I really appreciated how much effort they put into it. S made me a nice dinner of steak and lobster that we ate while watching Game of Thrones after the boys were in bed, and they got me a few nice gifts. (Flowers, a massage, and a gift card for a "paint and wine" date night for S and I!)

In other news, R has decided it's time to master the art of using silverware. He's actually doing pretty good, and it's funny because he now refuses to eat anything unless you give him a spoon to eat it with. (this included foods like sandwiches!) He just turned 18 months and is developing quite the personality. He's pretty much the sweetest, cuddliest kids ever, but he also has no problem voicing his opinion if he doesn't like what is going on!!

And I'll leave you with a few pictures of L's field day he had at his preschool a few weeks ago. As excited as I am about his new school for next year, I loved this school and we are going to miss all the friends we've made!!

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