Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring break!

Hello friends!!! Sorry I've been so absent this month, it's been crazy!!!

We just got back from out spring break trip to Reno, a nice little six day vacation, which was just what we all needed! We drove out last Saturday (eleven hours in the car, yikes!!) and drove back today. I have to admit I felt like going back was going to be bittersweet, since it's the first time I've been back since my parents sold out childhood home, but I wasn't as sad as I expected to be. I mean, it was still sad, but it was still also the same old Reno that I know and love.

Anyway, the vacation was wonderful, and of course I took hardly any pictures!!! We did go to the Children's Museum, one of our favorite places, and I remembered to whip out the cell phone camera and get a few pics of our little ruffians!

This museum it to die for. I'm in love with it, seriously. If we lived in Reno I would be there all the time! It has a ton of fun stuff, but it's also not overwhelmingly huge. I feel like I could take all three kids by myself and not feel like I was going to lose one of them.

("the Cloud"! The awesome climbing structure right in the middle of everything! The kids loved it, even R went up!)

We went on a day that they had a deal that from 9am-10am it was open only to kids 5 and under. It was prefect. There was literally only like ten other kids in the whole place, and it was all little ones so we didn't have to worry about our little guys getting run over by big kids!

The painting window was a big hit, especially for R. I have to admit, this is a hard one for me to let them go wild with, because I hate the mess, but I sucked it up and watching there little face light up was well worth washing all the paint off!

I also got a nice little girls night with my best friend from high school. I miss her so much, so getting a night alone, without husbands or kids, to catch up and reminisce was awesome. We went to our usual local pizza place, ordered beers and even went over the the casino and did some gambling before we had our husbands come pick us up! Such a fun night!

And while it was nice to have girl time, I also adore her family so we had them all over for dinner at my parents house one night. Her oldest child is the same age as L2 and her youngest is the same age as R. I loved watching them all play together, but the sweetest thing of the whole night was R and her littlest kept hugging and kissing each other!

And finally, S and I got to take a night out on the town while my parents babysat the boys!

I love my hometown and it was an amazing trip. I'm sad to be back, but I'm also happy to be home!!!

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