Friday, February 27, 2015

Happy birthday to me!

Happy 31st birthday to me!!! OK, actually it was last Monday, but this week has been crazy so I'm just now getting around to updating. Even though I have mixed feelings about now being officially in my 30's, I had a wonderful birthday weekend.

On Saturday I got together with a group of my girlfriends from college and we went to a long lunch at a really cool downtown restaurant. We sat for almost four hours and just talked and laughed and caught up. Plus one of my friends brought her new baby, so I got some newborn snuggle time!

On Sunday we had our good friends and their kids, plus my parents (who were in town for the weekend) over for pizza and beer. The boys went crazy running around and playing and it was nice celebrating while we relaxed at home.

Monday was my actual birthday. I"m so lucky because S took both Monday and Tuesday off so we could spend time together, and so I could have a couple days of having a break. On both days he got all the kids up, fed and off to school while I slept in. Seriously, best birthday present ever. On Monday I spent the day shopping with my mom and then my parents babysat while S and I went out to dinner. 

(sorry these pictures are so blurry!!! My mom hasn't totally gotten the hang of taking pictures with a cell phone!)

We got home early enough to have cake and presents with my parents and the boys, and then stayed up watching movies. Like I said, it was pretty perfect!

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