Sunday, May 27, 2012


I feel like life is getting away from me lately. Time is flying by and I cannot believe it is already the end of May. I can't believe L2 is seven months and L is almost three. I can't believe my ten year high school reunion is coming up. Yes, time is flying and it makes me sad, but life is also so good right now I can't complain. Our days are full of playtime and dancing and jumping and trips to the splash pad and drive in movie nights and I am feeling very satisfied. I like the slower paced, lazy days of summer and I'm loving long days spent with my boys.

With all that sad, here is just a quick update on things.


As L2 gets older I fall more and more in love of this concept of "brothers". I love how L always runs to tell me when his brother is crying or if he thinks he has a dirty diaper. I love that L2 thinks that is is hilarious when L has one of his famous two-year-old tantrums. I like that L will read to him and they watch movies together. I even love when L gets a little jealous and I see some sibling rivalry come out. Because they are going to have each other forever, and that makes me happy.


I love L more than life itself, but holy hell, have the terrible twos started. Tantrums are now a daily deal in our house, although after some trail and error I seem to be getting a better handle on how to deal and diffuses them. I've always been a big advocate of talking to your child, explaining to them what they are doing wrong and how they are making you feel.... and I still firmly believe in this philosophy, I've just also realized that trying to have a rational conversation with a two year old who is melting down in pretty much impossible. So time outs have been the discipline of choice ,and they actually work really well. He goes in time out and then once he calms down I sit him down and talk to him and it usually ends up with an apology and a hug. And, tantrums aside, L is seriously turning into the sweetest kid alive. And he is funny.... like really funny. He makes me laugh out loud on a daily basis. And he is inquisitive, he wants to know what everything is. And he's very polite, which I'm proud of, he always says "please" and "thank you" and "bless you".

Another thing we are majorly proud of? This kid is 100% potty trained! He's been pretty much completely trained for about four months, but as of this weekend there are no diapers at all. It's all underwear, all the time, including nap time and bedtime. And it's been months since he's had any kind of accident! Potty training was pretty intimidating to me, so I'm glad its over and I'm so glad he caught on so quick!

(It's really hot in Phoenix right now so I usually put L down for a nap in just his underwear. The other day he came down from his nap and he had dressed himself in sweatpants and a tie. I almost died laughing it was so cute!)


L2 is getting so big! After his trouble with nursing and having so much focus on getting his weight up, and I think those worries are officially behind us. He now has the chunky sweet baby rolls that every mama loves! And he is also getting much more independent, he is trying his hardest to crawl and I don't think it will be long. He rolls from his back to his tummy and then just keeps pulling his knees up under him. He also refuses to stay on his back, which means I end up getting up five times and night to roll him back over because he ends up on his tummy and then gets frustrated.

He's also pretty much the happiest baby ever. I know I probably sound biased, but seriously, he is happy all the time. He hardly ever fusses or cries and he is always smiling and laughing. I love it, I could just watch him all day!


We had a memorial day BBQ yesterday with old friends and it was a blast. I wish we did things like this more often, but Phoenix is such a big place and none of our friends live out where we live. Sometimes we just get so caught up in our everyday lives we forget to stop and make the effort to plan things with our old friends. But when we do, it's awesome. I love these people. I love my girls who have known me since college and I love the good men they have in their lives and I love that they love on my babies. So yesterday we sat around the pool and drank beer and ate way to much yummy food and told old and new stories as we caught up on each others lives!

So, that's what has been going on around these parts lately! hope everyone is having an amazing three day weekend!

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  1. Leah! Your boys are too cute. L2 looks so big! And L, in that tie is too funny. Congrats on the potty training! It is so nice when they start using the potty :)