Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a fairly quite Thanksgiving holiday at home, just the four of us. Well, quite in the sense that we have two children under the age of three... and that is never really quite! I have mixed feelings about it being just us for the holiday. On one hand I like that we are creating our own traditions that will be exclusively for our family. On the other hand I yearn for huge family gatherings. A holiday where cousins play constantly throughout the day, and the girls cook and hang out in the kitchen, gossiping and drinking wine, and the boys play football and watch football and do all things football related. That is my dream, that one day we will have our extended close enough to create those kinds of memories. But for now, I"m content with our cozy little foursome.

And we did eat and we did play. I made way too much food for S and I, and we both ate way too much of it!

And what is Thanksgiving without some good Blue Moon Pumpkin Harvest?

L2 did what he did best. He slept most of the day, waking only to eat and have a diaper change. And this kid can sleep.... despite L's best efforts to wake him up to play!

And in the true spirit of Thanksgiving our cat and dog came together in a love fest that, had the Pilgrims and Indians put their differences aside in this way, everything would have been a bit more peaceful!

And now that Thanksgiving is over it is time to let the Christmas Freak Flag Fly!!!  I am making S get out all our decorations this weekend, and I am about to go and enjoy my first glass of Eggnog for the season! Hope everyone had a great holiday, and took a few moments to give thanks for all their blessings!

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