Monday, January 24, 2011

A Birthday Party!

Remember when the coolest thing ever was to have your birthday party at King Skate Country? How excited you were to hand out invitations to everyone in your class (Because in my day, you invited everyone) and how you dreamed about the presents and cake and that maybe, hopefully, that certain boy you had a crush on since the first grade would ask you to couple skate? Birthday parties were the best, full of hopes and excitement and the promise of a new year and being a little bit older.

So what's up with the rollerskating and funfetti cupcake nostalgia? No, don't worry, I'm not regressing to my snap bracelet, side ponytail wearing, LA Gear shoe wearing 5th grade self. No, my reminiscing was brought on by the fact that this last weekend L attended his first ever birthday party for a friend. Well, the friend was actually the son of a friend of mine from work, but still, a party is a party. And, unfortunately, their was no roller skating, although there was funfetti cake. (Seriously, on side note, is there anything more Delicious then funfetti cake mix? I still make S and I funfetti cupcakes on just about every occasion I can justify making cupcakes for).

The party was pretty small, only a handful of kids and held in the backyard. My friends son was turning 2, and let's be honest, at that age the parties tend to be more for the parents then the kids. But there was barbecuing and presents and cake and L run around like a madman on a sugar high, chasing all the older boys and trying to keep up with them. And as the dads played Nintendo with the kids and the moms stood around chatting about pregnancy and nursing and losing the baby weight, it hit me that this is our future. Birthday parties, and wrapping up toys, and breaking up scuffles about who's turn it is to go down the slide next. And it made me really, really happy. And it made me realize that all those awesome memories I have of the birthday parties from my childhood? We are going to give L those same kind of memories.

So, happy birthday Daniel, we had a blast at your party. Thanks for the hot dogs and cake and the memories!

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