Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Valentine's Day

You guys know I love a holiday, and Valentine's Day is no exception.

This year Vday fell on a Sunday, but Monday was a holiday… which set us up for an amazing three day weekend!

We started out by going out on Friday night. Originally we had planned on going on a date that night to celebrate Valentines Day, but unfortunately our babysitter fell through. It ended up working out though, because it was the birthday of one of our good friends so we pulled together and put the kids in the gyms "Parent's Night Out" and did a double date!

**If your gym has a parents night out or a mommy's day out… Utilize it! I love that ours offers these services!  We can leave the kids for four hours with people we know and trust for less then it would cost us to hire a babysitter!**

Anyway, we headed down to a new sushi restaurant we'd never tried, and it was delicious. After we ate all the food we headed next door to a local brewery and had a few drinks. It was the perfect night out with good friends, and getting a chance to reconnect without the kiddos around!

On Sunday I had a baby shower to go to. Of course I took zero pictures, but it was a beautiful shower and I'm so happy for my friend Suze who is welcoming a baby boy soon! (More playmates for my kids!) When I got home from the shower S and I put the kids to bed early and had a Valentines Day dinner date on our couch, complete with a red box. I don't know about you, but that's my idea of the perfect night in! S made us lobster and scallops and it was so good…. but of course, no pictures…. because I ate it too quickly!

On Monday we went hiking, which is our new favorite weekend activity. Each week we've been picking a trail that's a little longer and a little harder, and each week I am so impressed with how well the boys do. (And me, since i"m carrying R on my back!)

We rounded out our perfect weekend with a fire in the backyard!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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