Monday, June 25, 2012

Lazy Summer

Ah, summer. Although I can't claim to be on "summer vacation", since I stay home with the boys year round, there is something about this time of year that still feels like a vacation to me. I tend to be a bit of a slave to my routine, and I get a bit out of sorts when I don't stick to it. I hate missing my gym time, I literally feel super guilty if I miss even one day.... or if I skimp and don't do a full cardio and strenth routine! Also, thanks to Pinterest, I've gotten myself on an awesome cleaning scheadule that is really working for me. In fact, I like it so much I may do seperate post about it later! (How's that for a prelude to my next post? Are you on the edge of your seat! My Cleaning Scheadule! How will you ever stand the wait?!?!?) Anyway, I also get ansy when I get behind on a day of cleaning because with two kids, a husband, two dogs and a cat it's pretty easy for the cleanliness in our house to go to hell!

But with summer here I am a lot more likely to throw caution to the wind (Ok, that's a little dramatic since we're taking about the gym and cleaning....) and skip our scheadule all together. I'm more likely to say the gym can wait and the kitchen will still be dirty later and laundrey can wait to be put away. And it's not usually even for some big event that we go of scheadule. There is something about summer that just calls for a lazy movie day, or an impromtu trip to Daddy's office for lunch, or an afternoon full of games and books and fort making.

So what have we been up to on these lazy summer days?

Well, there has been lot's of playing hide-and-seek.... a new favorite game of L's!
(He loves the game, but he hasn't totally gotten the concept of being "hidden". Two of his favorite places? under a blanket in the middle of the floor, giggeling while we "look" for him, or with his head stuck under the couch coushins.... booty up in the air!)

And with Phoenix days that are hitting 110 most days, we have been taking a lot more afternoon naps with fans blowing and the air conditioning blasting!

We've been doing early dinners and new restraunts just to have a cold beer and an appetizer. L2 hangs out in his high chair, a little miffed that everyone else is eating but him, and L just loves being someplace new and fun.... even if it a hole in the wall taco restraunt!

I am once again trying out my green thumb by re-planting my front pots (for the third time). Fingers crossed that this time they live! And by that I mean: Fingers crossed that I don't forget to water them and they die.....

And of course: The Pool. Again, days here are easily 110 most days so our weekend consist almost entirely of lounging by the pool. Luckily both of the boys are total water babies! L is a master at swimming all around the pool with his kick board and is getting really good at blowing bubbles and jumping of the step to swim to us. And L2? Well, at this point, he is a really really good splasher... and he loves it!

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