Saturday, January 21, 2012

Reno trip 2011

Before I start this post and go into the details of our amazing trip to Reno, I have to apologize for my lack of writing recently. Remember how I told you that I got super spoiled at Christmas and got both an IPhone and a Kindle Fire? Well, they are still two of the best gift EVER, however, the only downfall is I never have to log onto my actual computer anymore! So that is why I have been absent, but I am making it a point to start writing again! OK, tangent over. Time to share about our trip!

We never get to go to Reno to visit my family. It kills me, but flying with both of us, and especially now that we have to buy L a seat, is just so expensive these days. So when we do go it's special and we try to go for a good chunk of time. We left last Friday and just got back today, so this time I got a good solid 8 days, and it was awesome!

Besides the main reason of seeing my parents a big reason we went was to see my sister who was also visiting.  She had a beautiful baby girl just two days before L2 was born, so it was a chance for us to meet her baby, for her to meet our new baby, and for the cousins to meet!

(Grandma and my sister's baby!)

(Gramps hanging out with both new babies! He has the magic touch!)
Cousins! L2 on the left and baby A on the right!

Nap time!!!!
And mommy got to spend some much needed girl time with old friends! A lot of us have kids now and I think it is just so amazing to get back together with these girls I have been best friends with since I was a teenager and watching out kids play together!

One of these most fun things we did on this trip was take L to the new Children's Museum that just opened in Reno. We have an amazing and a HUGE children's museum in Phoenix, but I have to say that I like this one ten times more. It was smaller but had so much cool stuff and the best thing was it wasn't crowded at all! We went on a Tuesday afternoon and it was so nice to be able to let L kind of wander on his own while still being able to keep an eye on him without hovering. At the Phoenix Museum, no matter when you go, it is packed! There are always ten million families not to mention a million field trips and it get a bit chaotic. L2 slept through most of it, but when he did wake up I took him into the "star room" and he was pretty amazed by all the pretty lights on the ceiling!

This was called "The Cloud". If you have ever been to the Phoenix Museum it is the same concept as the climbing tree there..... except a lot tighter fit! I went through it with L and there were a few time I literally had to lie down flat on my stomach and pull myself through some really tight spaces! I was a little worried I might get stuck.... but it was still really fun!

The trip was a success and I was sad to leave, but at the same time it is always nice to come home. I hope we can start getting to Reno more, but for now I will relish in the memories of a great trip!

All the fun wore L2 out!!!!

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